Therapy For Moms

Helping Moms With Postpartum Depression & Maternal Mental Health Care

Being A Mom Can Be One Of The Most Fulfilling Things. But Sometimes It’s Overwhelming…

Have you ever felt this way? Have you been experiencing signs of postpartum depression? I mean, you want to say it’s all great. Maybe you even pretend like it is on social media and to your circle, but there are days when you are not sure that you’re telling the whole story.
I provide therapy for moms who have many of the same feelings you may be feeling:
Overwhelm Anxiety about things you do or don’t do right…or maybe seemingly resulting from nothing.
Sadness that is hard to explain Frustration or fear that drags you down
Tiredness that clings to you, slowing down your days and making you feel like maybe you are not made for this
You don’t have to feel this way alone. You can share these things in counseling as we process how you think and within those feelings and look for ways to regain control, competency, and courage. If you are unsure if therapy for mothers is correct, let’s talk.

We, as women, are truly better together.

Moms in our society often have so many roles. You may be expected to be not only a mom, providing so much for your child(ren), but also a partner, businesswoman, educator, caretaker, housekeeper, and more. It’s all so overwhelming.

Therapy provides the time and space to begin to take care of you. In taking care of yourself, for the first time, you will become much better at caring for all the others in your life and all the roles you must fulfill.

You see, therapy or counseling with a professional, licensed, and trained therapist can be one of the best investments of your life. A therapist can help you find yourself in your roles and goals and tease out the woman you want to be. The mom you want to be. And whatever else you want to be.

You can find joy and fulfillment in your life.

Moms are heroes. I believe it. I’ll be able to help you think about it.


Therapy has been shown to improve anxiety, depression, postpartum struggles, maternal mental health care

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