Therapy For Anxiety and Depression

Do You Struggle With Feeling Anxious And Sad, Even When You’re Not Sure Why?

Are the daily struggles in life causing you to stress, overthink, lash out emotionally in moments when that’s the last thing you want to do, and struggle to enjoy the things you once enjoyed? Maybe your days are spent worrying about what might happen instead of embracing the life you want to lead. You feel alone like no one understands you. Sometimes you don’t even know why you think this way. Living with these feelings of overwhelm and frustration with your feelings seems impossible, yet somehow you keep plodding along, wondering if it will ever get any better.

It feels like everyone has it together…

I have worked with many people who struggle with anxiety, stress, sadness, and depression. Many of them likely have had many of the very same thoughts, emotions, and struggles as you.

Therapy allows you to begin to process and determine why things don’t work out as planned. Then you can look for your sources of power, the giftings that you specifically have that, when developed in practical ways, will improve how you feel and respond to things that cause stress, frustration, and sadness.

It may feel impossible now, but you can find true happiness. True joy. You can live a life free of the anxiety and depression that you’ve felt has been holding you back.

You can live a happy, joyful, accomplished life.
You deserve nothing less.


Therapy for Anxiety and Depression can help you to begin to find ways to practically improve your daily life and the way you feel

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How Can Anxiety And Depression Therapy Help You To Feel Confident And Fulfilled?

  • It can help to have someone come alongside you and help you to process your hurts, frustration, stress, and unmet needs and begin to work on practical ways to feel better and more confident in yourself.
  • Learn healthy ways of coping with daily stressors and begin to anticipate and respond in positive ways to the difficulties of life.
  • Develop skills that can help you when you feel out of control.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to recognize anxiety and depression and adopt new thinking and actions that will leave you feeling more in control.
  • Set and accomplish realistic goals that will lead to a happier, more joyful life.

I will be with you each step, using the skills and techniques developed in my professional training and experience to guide and prompt you and give you practical ways to respond to daily events.

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Here’s how we can get started improving how you feel and developing the skills to kick anxiety and depression to the curb: Click on the button below to Schedule a Free Consultation with me. I will answer any questions about therapy, what types of practical methods we will use to improve your life, and questions about fees or scheduling.

Then, we will work together at scheduled intervals (weekly or otherwise, according to your needs) to process and do something about your anxiety or depression.


Therapy for Relationships can help you to begin to find ways to practically improve the way you feel.
Therapy for Anxiety and Depression can help you to begin to find ways to improve your daily life.
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